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For  a comprehensive insight into an OTBT adventure, read this blog and see the amazing pictures by Lillian and David Small on their travel blog website. You can also watch their video, links below:


Facebook Reviews

Best week of my life! Sun, good people, breathtaking islands, snorkelling, ship wrecks, planes wrecks under sea... The list goes on! What an amazing adventure with an amazing captain. Jimmy genuinely wants every person to have the best time, and he will make it happen! I will definitely be back for more!
— Helen, UK
I don’t know that we could have had a skipper that was better with the local people. Jimmy seemed to know someone at EVERY place that we went and they were all so friendly and welcoming!” He was up every morning to work and up late with us to show us cool places each night. I’m not really sure how he did it, but he was great.
— Cassie, USA
I went with two friends and wasn’t sure what to expect, however upon meeting the other guests and Jimmy, we all felt at ease. The holiday was a perfect mix between seeing the sights, relaxing and heading to local spots to eat and drink. My favourite was getting fresh meat and vegetables from a local butcher on the island of Naxos, and cooking it on an open fire on the beach. We all had the best time, saw the most beautiful things and made the best memories. Highly recommended !!!!!
— Maddie, Australia
Offthebeatentack is a Unique experience...not only because of the Wonderful landscapes, beaches and islands i enjoyed during my adventure also because Its Skipper, Jimmy, is an extraordinary professional that make of this experience something different and unforgettable....something that you must live at least once in your life. Life is passion and OTBT
— Yoli, Tenerife
There is no other way to see the Greece islands than with OTBT.
We (my girlfriend and I, both in our late 20’s) had such a great time and it was all thanks to the most amazing skipper: Jimmy. He took us to some really cool spots that we would not have seen, or done, otherwise and it made the trip really fun and special.
I highly recommend OTBT; book a week, you’re in for a great time!
— Mark, UK
I have travelled a lot, been in a lot of great holiday situations, but I can say in all honesty and without having shares in OTBT, this was one of my best holidays EVER! I never sailed before in my life but it turned out GREAT! Living in Amsterdam, everytime I see something that resembles a sailing boat on the canals, I think back of this amazing time! DO IT!
— Bramski, Holland
Cruising the islands is a great way to see new culture, fantastic sights and places out of your imagination. But by doing it on a sailing tour, I think I experience it in a much more unique and personal way. Jimmy was fantastic with the locals and everyone on board. He is not only great to get along with, but he is so so caring. Always making sure everybody is okay, safe, and enjoying their trip. He doesn’t take over - he listens to ideas and makes the trip suitable to what you want to see.
— Julia, Australia
What an amazing couple of weeks, so much fun - everyday was a new adventure, thanks James!!!x
— Rogan, UK
He was always positive and enthusiastic about every aspect of the trip, he was supportive and compassionate towards everyone on the boat and was so helpful throughout the entire trip. I’m planning to come back and do another tour because of him!
— Brie, Australia
The best way to see Greece! Had the best time and Jimmy is an absolute star. Already planning a huge group booking for next year. :)
— Justine, UK
What an adventure!!! After travelling Europe for six months ...seeing, hearing , eating all the best that life has to offer... my two weeks spent living as a pirate on board the Ikarus was the experience of a lifetime.... Jimmy is a Captain in every sense of the word and his love, passion and understanding of the sea is extraordinary...OTBT have managed to present a package that is easily adapted to all lifestyles ages and abilities... Greek mythology, abandoned islands, wreck diving, spear fishing, Greek dancing, moon light, treasure hunts, bonfires, makeshift bivouacs, pushing boundaries, sunburn, sun lotion, moisturiser, spas, mojitos, cold beer, fresh fish, chocolate pancakes, warm beer, awesome sounds and amazing people!!!..... Would I do it again??? .... HELL YES!!!
— Maria, UK
Great trip from start to finish. Organizing the journey was very simple with great communication from both home base UK and whichever country James is sailing around at the time. Everything we wanted, James was able to accommodate. Really flexible in terms of where we should go, but definitely listen to James’ suggestions for destinations as he has seen a lot. We had three days, two boats, BBQ, extra sound system to play while we swam or on a beach and the staff were so sweet, up for a laugh and great. If you are looking for a good boat trip and a good party customized to your needs, go for OTBT! Xxxxx
— Olympias, Holland
Jimmy made sure that the separate parties on the tour all interacted and became friends and at ease with one another quickly, and assured there was no tension amongst the group.
— Steph, Australia
Amazing week cruising round an amazing part of the world. Great food and great fun where ever we were. Couldn’t have asked for anything more
— Tim, New Zealand
One week with OTBT and the best skipper ever, was a magical experience that is so unique compared to anything else I have experienced. I was curious how the vibe would be since I was traveling solo. There were no problems at all because Jimmy is a pro at what he does and he knows how to accommodate everyone’s needs. The energy was great and everyone was so happy. It was fun connecting with new people and going on new adventures. Dolphins swam by the boat as we sailed, we had awesome music, great sunsets, went hiking, cliff jumping, cave exploring, had plenty of water activities, played games, ate wonderful food, had a beach bbq, and laughed a ton. I had no expectations when I got on the boat and I just trusted Jimmy and I had the time of my life. He knows the hidden gems, the locals, and he’s very knowledgeable. One night I slept out under the stars, enjoyed the sounds of nature and felt so at peace in the calm beautiful water and the next night we hit the bars and nightlife scene. This trip had a little bit of everything! I could go on and on for days about how great it was. I will definitely be going back! Thank you Jimmy
— Monica, California USA
Amazing chance to get on board with Jimmy and other amazing passengers ! the boat offers everything you need and the awasome captain Jimmy makes the difference to make it a memorable experience sailing through the greek islands !
Thannk you very much, will be back in summer 2015!
— Davide, Germany
I cannot stop thinking about how amazing my moments are in the summer of 2014 when I was travelling through Greece, and this sailing is part of my best moments in all my life, Captain Jimmy remind me of Jack Sparrow, but different personality, he’s more caring, happiness and big heart in his soul, when I met him first time.

When I met him first time, he tried to use BSL (British Sign Language), and sadly, I am from Canada and actually use ASL (American Sign Language). We laughs and writing the notebooks. Those 3 or 4 notebooks might be the diary of the treasure box where we finds many beautiful gems in one week... Sometimes I need to take two weeks to sailing instead of one week. I left on the last day of Ikaros crew... they were the strangers in the first day, and then they are not strangers anymore, they are part of my family now. I cannot thanks them enough for the amazing opportunities that where I was looking for. Thanks to our Captain Jimmy, keep all of us together to get along as our family...

Two Deaf girls and I are from Alberta, Canada (one girl recently move to BC). One girl knew BSL since she used to live in England there for few years, and we are along friends for life. Also, at the yacht, the crew and I share lots of our gathering and laughs. We are teaching each other BSL, ASL, International Sign Language, French, English, Spanish and more languages. Three of us would says about the crew - Jack Sparrow, Aunty Sparrow, Little Sweet Belle, Grandma Sparrow, Princess Belle, Sparrow Twins, Sparrow Hubbies, and Pink in our amazing adventure for one whole week!

I never forget about Ikaros, Captain Jimmy and all of my fam crew, thank you for everything we could receive.
— Matt, Canada

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