Pic credit: Nick Filmalter

We are here to do what you want to do 

We have extensive knowledge of the Greek Islands and waters with its hidden bays, idyllic beaches and beautiful destinations. We use this knowledge to take our guests to the places that suit them as the wind takes us. 

A typical day on your weeks holiday will include breakfast aboard our Yacht, followed by 1-5 hours sailing to a new destination. We'll stop for lunch on the Yacht and then you'll have an opportunity to explore the destination or stay close to the Yacht and enjoy swimming, snorkelling, fishing or just relax in the sun. In the evening we'll either take harbour on a new island and enjoy the local cuisine or have a BBQ on a secluded beach. 

Other than start and finish ports of Santorini or Mykonos, we have no fixed itinerary – we literally sail where the wind takes us. The night before, your Skipper will assess the weather and depending on wind conditions will discuss options and make recommendations that, with his local knowledge, will enable you to have a holiday to remember! 

Every day is different from the last, with that sense of adventure in the air, anticipating what is going to happen next!

You can join as a group of up to 10 friends or family, as couples, as a solo traveller or any combination! It’s an awesome way to meet new people, make new connections and for old friendships to flourish.