No 2 trips are the same

Off The Beaten Tack is not just about sailing, it’s about using the wind to take us to places most other tours and flotillas don't go. 

We have extensive knowledge of the Greek Islands and waters with its hidden bays, idyllic beaches and beautiful destinations and use this knowledge to take our guests to the places that suit them – as the wind takes us.

You can join as a group of

  • Up to 10 friends or family
  • As a solo traveller
  • or any combination!
  • All of our sailing adventure weeks our open to anyone between the ages of 5 and 80... We are family friendly!

start from Santorini or Mykonos

You must join the yacht at one of our start and finish ports (Santorini or Mykonos). From then on, apart from our final destination, we have no fixed itinerary - we literally sail where the wind takes us. Each day your skipper will assess the weather forecasts and depending on wind conditions will suggest a plan for the next day. This means every day can be different from the last, with that sense of adventure in the air, anticipating what is going to happen next.

How does a day with OTBT look?

Start of the day
  • Breakfast aboard our Yacht, provided by OTBT
  • There may be time for a morning swim or activity of you choice
  • Based on the weather conditions and what you'd like to do, Your Skipper will recommend a plan for the day
  • Sail for usually 2-5 hours to the next destination
  • Lunch aboard provided by OTBT
  • Now arrived in the new destination there will be opportunity to swim, snorkel, walk, explore the island/beach/town and many other activities
  • In the evening all guests have the option of eating together with OTBT crew at one of there recommended local restaurants or you can go and do your own thing
  • They can also guide or accompany you to some of the best local bars if you'd like a longer night out
  • You will then sleep aboard and prepare for a new adventure the next day
  • Please note that due to the nature of using the weather to determine the days plan, each and every day looks different. We may take you on tours of the islands by vehicle (additional fee's for car hire may be applicable), have BBQ's on beaches, visit places of heritage and culture, sometimes we'll do a night sail to view a beautiful sunset or arrive in a new destination ahead of weather systems. We have a very flexible approach, whilst providing the very best experience.

What will we do aboard...

  • You can learn to sail 
  • Relax on deck soaking in the sun and scenery
  • Read a captivating novel 
  • Chill out to the tunes of your choice
  • Swim and snorkel over ship wrecks in the Cyclades crystal clear waters
  • Explore Stunning beaches
  • BBQ fresh fish on uninhabited islands
  • Paddle boarding
  • Cliff jumping
  • Fishing
  • Sleep under the stars in hammocks on the deck or the beach if you choose! 

Specialised weeks...

We have run specialised yoga and meditation weeks with qualified instructors as well as art weeks with local qualified art teachers. If you'd like to curate a specialist week, from yoga, art, a corporate getaway, sailing school, water sports or anything else, just let us know and we'll do everything we can to accommodate for your needs!